Alex Lykhosherstov

Alex Lykhosherstov brings to PRO360 Home Inspection a record of exceptional educational achievements including a Bachelor of Law degree, police investigation background, Master of Arts degree, and a SATS PhD student. Prior to his work at PRO360 Home Inspection, he worked in the oil industry (Shell/Imperial Oil) and was part of a Calgary property management team, performing various residential maintenance services.
Having a Ukrainian and Russian background, Alex goes well beyond InterNACHI requirements by providing a comprehensive bilingual home inspection service for Russian and Ukrainian clients and partners of PRO360 Home Inspection. In his professional approach, he has perfected a method of thorough visual examination of all accessible areas within a residential property. As well, he has the ability to identify defects within specific systems and components defined by InterNACHI standards that are both observed and deemed material by the inspector.

When you contact Alex, you can be confident of a high-quality professional home inspection.
He can be reached at: Cell- 403-708-5946

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