A home inspection prior to purchasing gives you some of the most important information needed to protect you and your family. Not understanding the true condition of your potential purchase can cost you thousands, not to mention countless hours of your time. Regardless of whether an inspection uncovers a major defect or regular needed repairs or maintenance it makes sense to have an independent review done on your behalf so you have a clearer picture.

A home inspection is an independent visual evaluation of the physical structure, systems and components of a home.

We considers :

1. Overall construction

2. Structural integrity

3. Quality if materials used

4. Life expectancies

5. Deferred maintenance

Pro360 Home Inspection was established to assist buyers, sellers and owners in obtaining the necessary information to evaluate the present conditions of their property. The inspection process is intended to provide the client with a better understanding of the physical condition of the property in order to make informed decisions. A regular home inspection is not a guarantee of any kind, nor is it a code inspection or an appraisal.

Here are just a few issues we have encountered over the years conducting pre purchase house inspections in Southern Alberta.

1. Re-stumped houses not level.

2. Water leaking through ceilings from balconies above that have been disguised.

3. Unidentified blocked sewers from trees.

4. Rotting structural timbers underneath bathrooms due to leaking.

5. Wall removal that has resulted in structural deficiencies.

6. Deck and pergola construction resulting in safety concerns.

7. Inadequate site drainage that has not been identified in summer months that has resulted in footing failures and a build-up of water underneath the house.

8. Active termites.

Cover-ups to look out for:

1. Re-painted interiors wall linings that can cover up structural movement.

2. Re-rendered exterior cladding (either brickwork or sheet cladding). Learn about areas that have reactive, unstable soil types. Looking for cracking in neighbouring houses is sometimes useful.

3. Re-pointed roofing tiles may disguise major defects.

4. Locked garaged or rooms. It is important to access all areas of a house prior to purchase.

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